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See, develop and make visible the skills you need to succeed in engineering, today and tomorrow.



EAL, specialist skills, awarding and assessment services organisation for industry.



See, develop and make visible the skills you need to succeed in engineering, today and tomorrow.


Career Seekers

Discover, develop and make visible the skills you need to succeed in engineering.

What is Enginuity?

We create practical solutions for individuals, educators, and manufacturing and engineering employers, using unmatched industry expertise and data. Our ‘Enginuity’ in marrying our engineering expertise with ingenuity with data, is how we will design and constantly improve solutions that provide a great user experience, create new solutions that are easy to integrate, and prove the business case for engineering skills development.

Innovation Lab

Where engineering expertise meets ingenuity with data, sparking new ideas and solutions to see and develop the engineering skills people and businesses need to succeed.


Find all the latest insight and analysis, from the major engineering and manufacturing sectors and from across the UK, in one place.

News & Events

The Enginuity Skills Awards 2020 will see industry leaders gather to recognise the brilliant apprentices, champions of skills development, and innovative engineers tackling society’s biggest challenges, who will ensure the future of a sector that is the backbone of the UK economy.



A New Skills Platform for Makers and Engineers

Discover the best resources from the web and leading engineering and manufacturing organisations to build your skills.

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What is Engage?

Engage is a unique platform built to deliver digital engineering skills to Britain’s engineers and manufacturers at a time when they are needed more than ever.

An evolving hub of engineering and manufacturing expertise, it's designed to help engineers build common, digital and sector-specific skills in the era of Industry 4.0. Engage's data-driven AI learns with you to power personalised recommendations that improve over time.

Engage offers two distinct learning environments in one cohesive learning experience.

Research Hub


The Research Hub is where you’ll find new learning resources from across the web. It’s also where you’ll discover structured learning material available in Engage Academy.



When you’re ready, you can continue your digital journey by enrolling on courses in the Engage Academy for more structured learning in an online classroom environment.

01 Engage Research Hub

The days of trawling the internet for relevant and reliable learning resources are over. Engage uses AI to aggregate and curate the best content from the most trusted publishers on the web – delivering them straight to you.

Even better, Engage’s recommendations are completely personalised. The more you learn, the more Engage learns with you, improving content recommendations over time.

With Research Hub’s powerful algorithm-generated recommendations engineers can refresh their common skills and stay up to speed with the rapid developments of Industrial Digitalisation (I4.0).

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02 Engage Academy

With Academy, it’s never been easier to add valuable new engineering skills to your toolbox. Engage Academy is powered by award-winning software architecture for engaging learning experiences which promote better comprehension and retention.

Academy works in combination with Research Hub’s data-driven content recommendations to create seamless learning journeys that enhance your productivity. Which enables you to upskill and reskill and supports your career progression.

What’s more, our state of the art Learning Management System (LMS) boasts technical and specialist skills training from leading UK engineering organisations.

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Why Engage?

Industrial digitalisation (sometimes referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0) represents the most significant disruption to advanced manufacturing and engineering in half a century. The promise of fast, flexible, high quality and efficient production will increasingly be realised and exploited as the true power of industrial digitalisation is adopted, embedded and fully integrated into manufacturing systems and in support of agile decision making. Engage helps engineers and makers gain the skills they need to keep pace with emerging trends and technologies.

Engage offers a growing number of courses covering seven key technology groups:

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Internet of Things (IoT)
  3. Cyber Security
  4. Robotics
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. Virtual and Augmented Reality
  7. Additive Manufacturing

More than a learning management system, it's a movement

At Enginuity we believe that one engineer can change their world and ours, given the opportunity. That's why Engage isn't only about immersive learning experiences. It's about the UK's leading engineering organisations coming together to share their expertise. As the sector connector, Enginuity has worked closely with our partners in industry. By engaging with us, these organisations have made a commitment to supporting engineers with remote learning opportunities. Which is why Engage is completely free to use throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Explainer: Why Engage?

A Constantly Evolving Hub of Engineering Expertise

Some of the UK’s most cutting-edge companies, centres of innovation and organisations have made content available for the first time for the platform’s launch, including the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Excellence, Achievement and Learning, Make UK, FutureLearn and Accenture. In the coming weeks, more content will be added from Formula 1 and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

A Rapid Response to Support Engineers During COVID-19

Development of Engage has been accelerated to support workers at a time when many may have found themselves furloughed. Helping engineers, technicians and wider manufacturing employees to learn and explore digital techniques and processes will also help support a much needed post-COVID 19 productivity boost. Returning employees will be up-skilled and more agile as a workforce, and better able to adapt and respond to the pace of global technological innovation to help their companies recover at speed.

Developing Vital New Skills in the Era of Industry 4.0

Engage covers key emerging technologies including data analytics, the Industrial Internet of Things, cybersecurity resilience, industrial and autonomous robotics and additive manufacturing. Those logging on will also become familiar with virtual augmented reality as well as artificial intelligence and its applications alongside machine learning.

The Engage Platform


Engage is the first learning hub to specifically target the engineering and manufacturing sectors, offering a range of courses from easy first digital engineering steps to more sophisticated technologies and innovation.


Engage is easy to navigate, offering an intuitive chatbot-style interface which guides learners at all levels to tailored content & courses specific to their areas of interest to create a bespoke learning experience.


In unprecedented times it’s crucial we take every opportunity to develop & upskill in emerging technologies. Through Engage learners will get the knowledge they need to adapt and respond to the pace of global innovation.

Supported by World-Leading Partners and Industry Network Experts

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