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See, develop and make visible the skills you need to succeed in engineering, today and tomorrow.


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We create practical solutions for individuals, educators, and manufacturing and engineering employers, using unmatched industry expertise and data. Our ‘Enginuity’ in marrying our engineering expertise with ingenuity with data, is how we will design and constantly improve solutions that provide a great user experience, create new solutions that are easy to integrate, and prove the business case for engineering skills development.

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The Enginuity Skills Awards 2020 will see industry leaders gather to recognise the brilliant apprentices, champions of skills development, and innovative engineers tackling society’s biggest challenges, who will ensure the future of a sector that is the backbone of the UK economy.


We exist to give one Engineer the opportunity to change their world and ours. Enginuity provides such opportunity through the creation of practical skills solutions for individuals, educators, and manufacturing and engineering employers who want to see and develop the skills they need to succeed.


Review of national occupational standards (NOS)

Qualification products and apprenticeship frameworks






Enginuity insight

Field service crew testing electronics or inspecting electrical installation system. Bay control unit. Medium voltage switchgear

Semta’s history and experience within the advanced manufacturing and engineering sector provides a unique vantage point and responsibility for reviewing and setting the applicable National Occupational Standards (NOS).

In partnership with the qualifications and apprenticeship frameworks they underpin, NOS provide a definitive skills infrastructure for the occupations and careers within their related fields.

These standards are successfully used both on a domestic and an international level to provide the sector with a robust, consistent benchmark of the skills required by a competitive workforce. Working with UK employers, Semta has developed more than 2,500 NOS to date.

Semta’s legacy of successfully working directly with employers to identify and define the essential skills and knowledge needed to work in the sector is unparalleled. These standards are developed with, and for the use of, employers. Semta invites all training providers and employers within the sector to work with us on our standards and apprenticeship frameworks, especially at this time of review.

Semta Group’s Elinor Wallace (Standards & Frameworks Technical Specialist) and Robert Bruce (Sector Development Specialist) discuss the forthcoming UK-wide NOS review:

NOS provide a definitive skills infrastructure for occupations and careers within their related fields.

UK-wide NOS review

Semta’s standards and frameworks department is leading a UK- wide review of the following NOS and qualification structures:

  • Automotive Engineering Suite 3
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Suite 3
  • Materials Processing and Finishing Suite 2
  • Materials Processing and Finishing Suite 3

The current suites of NOS and qualifications were developed in partnership with employers and other appropriate organisations across the UK. NOS set out the skills, knowledge and understanding required by employers to undertake a particular task or job role to a nationally recognised level of competence, helping formalise training requirements for employers and employees across the UK. They also form the basis of all vocational qualifications, including those used in apprenticeship frameworks. As part of our philosophy of continuous improvement, Semta is now requesting feedback from relevant stakeholders to ascertain whether the current NOS are still fit for purpose and, if not, what changes are required.

The key questions that the review will focus on are as follows:

  • Are the current occupational pathways (job roles)
    still relevant and current in the structures?
  • If not what changes are required? (for example,
    the addition of more optional units)?
  • Are there any missing NOS that should be developed
    and be included?
  • Is the content of the NOS technically correct?
  • Is there anything missing in the scope of the NOS
    and/or knowledge statements?
  • Is there anything that should not be in the NOS
    (for example, redundant procedures/processes/
  • Is it clear what must be completed in order to
    achieve the NOS?
  • Can the outcomes specified in the NOS be
    achieved in the workplace?

As part of ongoing work, Semta is also undertaking the following projects for the devolved administrations and would welcome your input.


Review of Northern Ireland Occupational Apprenticeship Frameworks in:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Maintenance
  • Fabrication and Welding Engineering − Aeronautical Engineering
  • Engineering Technical Support


  • SVQ Content and Structures Review – Performing Engineering Operations
  • Performing Engineering Operations SCQF level 4 and SCQF level 5
  • Modern Apprenticeship Framework Review Engineering


Review of SASW-compliant Welsh Apprenticeship Frameworks in

  • Business Improvement Techniques
  • Engineering Manufacture
  • Advanced Manufacture

Review of timescales

The projects began in September of this year and are scheduled to be completed by January 2020 including UK-wide and nation- specific employer and stakeholder consultation.

How to get involved

If you would like to take part in the review of the standards please contact the Semta standards and frameworks team on [email protected] or [email protected].


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