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See, develop and make visible the skills you need to succeed in engineering, today and tomorrow.



EAL, specialist skills, awarding and assessment services organisation for industry.



See, develop and make visible the skills you need to succeed in engineering, today and tomorrow.


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Discover, develop and make visible the skills you need to succeed in engineering.

What is Enginuity?

We create practical solutions for individuals, educators, and manufacturing and engineering employers, using unmatched industry expertise and data. Our ‘Enginuity’ in marrying our engineering expertise with ingenuity with data, is how we will design and constantly improve solutions that provide a great user experience, create new solutions that are easy to integrate, and prove the business case for engineering skills development.

Innovation Lab

Where engineering expertise meets ingenuity with data, sparking new ideas and solutions to see and develop the engineering skills people and businesses need to succeed.


Find all the latest insight and analysis, from the major engineering and manufacturing sectors and from across the UK, in one place.

News & Events

The Enginuity Skills Awards 2020 will see industry leaders gather to recognise the brilliant apprentices, champions of skills development, and innovative engineers tackling society’s biggest challenges, who will ensure the future of a sector that is the backbone of the UK economy.


We exist to give one Engineer the opportunity to change their world and ours. Enginuity provides such opportunity through the creation of practical skills solutions for individuals, educators, and manufacturing and engineering employers who want to see and develop the skills they need to succeed.


Enginuity Leads National Occupational Standards (NOS) Review

Enginuity’s Technical Department is leading a series of review and development projects




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  1. NOS Review (UK-Wide)
  2. NOS Development (UK-Wide)
  3. VQ Review (Scotland Only)
  4. Apprenticeship Framework Review (Northern Ireland Only)
  5. Review of Apprenticeships (Wales Only)

NOS Review (UK-Wide)

This work includes:

  • Engineering Core Mandatory NOS (review)
  • Engineering Technical Support NOS (review)
  • Aeronautical Engineering NOS (review)
  • Engineering Maintenance NOS

NOS set out the skills, knowledge and understanding required by employers to undertake a particular task or job role to a nationally recognised level of competence, helping formalise training requirements for employers and employees across the UK. They also form the basis of vocational qualifications including those used in Apprenticeship Frameworks.

As part of our philosophy of continuous improvement, Enginuity is now requesting feedback from relevant stakeholders to ascertain whether the current NOS are still fit for purpose and if not, what changes are required?

Key questions the NOS Review will seek to answer include:

  • Are there any NOS that are irrelevant and can be removed?
  • Are there any new work areas for which NOS need to be (developed and) added?
  • Is the content of the NOS technically correct?
  • Is it clear what must be completed to achieve the NOS?
  • Can the specified outcomes in the NOS be achieved in the workplace?

NOS Development (UK-Wide)

We are seeking volunteers to contribute to the development of the new NOS in:

  • Advanced Manufacturing NOS (new development)
  • Non-Destructive Testing NOS (new development)

SVQ Review (Scotland Only)

This work includes:

  • Fabrication & Welding at SCQF Levels 5 and 6
  • Marine Engineering at SCQF Level 6
  • Automotive Engineering at SCQF Level 6
  • Materials Processing and Finishing at SCQF Level 6

Key questions the SVQ Review will seek to answer include:

  • Are the current occupational pathways still accurate, and relevant?
  • Are there any new occupational pathways which need to be added?
  • Is the combination of mandatory accurate and appropriate or could it be improved?

Apprenticeship Framework Review (Northern Ireland Only)

We are reviewing the Automotive Pathway which is an important part of the Engineering Apprenticeship Framework.

Key questions the Review will seek to answer include:

  • What Competence Based Qualification (CBQ e.g. NVQ) should be included?
  • What Knowledge-Based Qualification (KBQ) should be included?
  • What is the Occupational Profile (core Knowledge/Skills/ Behaviours & Transversal Skills) of those working in this area?
  • What are typical Entry Requirements to this area of work?
  • What level of Essential Skills (Literacy and Numeracy) is required of those working in this area?
  • How long should a typical Apprentice take to complete the Framework?
  • What are the progression opportunities (vocational/ academic) for those who successfully complete the Apprenticeship?

Review of Apprenticeships (Wales Only)

We are reviewing the following Welsh framework this year:

  • Rail Infrastructure

Take Part

To take part in any of these projects please email [email protected].


Download the flyer in English and Welsh


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Brain Games Block Brain Drains

Digital Brain games in the workplace are to be used to block a massive post-pandemic brain drain threatening UK industry, it has been announced.

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Government Intervention Called for Before Parliamentary Summer Recess

The supply chain to the UK’s leading manufacturers is teetering on the edge of collapse this summer and needs urgent Government intervention – Enginuity has warned.

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Manufacturing Resilience Report

Enginuity is proud to sponsor a new report on the future of the UK’s manufacturing sector: Manufacturing Resilience, Driving Recovery towards Net Zero.

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World Autism Awareness Week 2021

This week we celebrate World Autism Awareness Week. The United Nations also recognise the 2nd of April as World Autism Awareness Day. This is a subject really close to my heart.

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