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See, develop and make visible the skills you need to succeed in engineering, today and tomorrow.



EAL, specialist skills, awarding and assessment services organisation for industry.



See, develop and make visible the skills you need to succeed in engineering, today and tomorrow.


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Discover, develop and make visible the skills you need to succeed in engineering.

What is Enginuity?

We create practical solutions for individuals, educators, and manufacturing and engineering employers, using unmatched industry expertise and data. Our ‘Enginuity’ in marrying our engineering expertise with ingenuity with data, is how we will design and constantly improve solutions that provide a great user experience, create new solutions that are easy to integrate, and prove the business case for engineering skills development.

Innovation Lab

Where engineering expertise meets ingenuity with data, sparking new ideas and solutions to see and develop the engineering skills people and businesses need to succeed.


Find all the latest insight and analysis, from the major engineering and manufacturing sectors and from across the UK, in one place.

News & Events

The Enginuity Skills Awards 2020 will see industry leaders gather to recognise the brilliant apprentices, champions of skills development, and innovative engineers tackling society’s biggest challenges, who will ensure the future of a sector that is the backbone of the UK economy.



Stories From Our People

Josh Nicholson exam coordinator

Josh Nicholson - Exam Coordinator

My name is Josh Nicholson.
I am one five of  Exam Coordinators on the Exams Team at EAL, Excellence and Achievement in Learning.

I oversee the development of the content of exams, and systems used to run them, from the moment they have been written to the point where learners see the questions when sitting their exam/s.

I also work closely with our software providers to test, implement and deliver upgrades to the different systems we use.

I have worked for EAL for just over five years. I have seen the organisation go on an upwards journey through various changes, big and small. I am happy to have been be part of this journey and have the opportunity to gain the valuable knowledge that I have along the way.

A big part of my role as an Exam Coordinator is to ensure that the exams can be run by our customers, Centres and colleges, in as streamline and efficient way as possible. This means that I have regular communication with them to offer support, advice and assistance where needed.

As part of my role I also have communication with EAL/ Enginuity employees and consultants across the entire organisation. Product Specialists, EQAs, Chief Examiners etc.

Each of the individuals, and their integral roles, being the driving force behind putting the excellence into our name.

I think of myself as very fortunate to have built strong and working relationships with these individuals and continue to develop my skills and knowledge of the educational sector I work in with them.

What I love most about my role, aside from the amazing people I work with, is that the work I do with the standards and quality I ensure actually filters down to having a beneficial influence to real people and the world we live in.

And finally, in a nutshell, what I like most about working for Enginuity has to be the good people that I currently work with and have previously worked with over my five years with the organisation.

My name is Helenna Vaughan-Smith and I’m a Digital Product Owner.

That means when there is a challenge or an opportunity it’s my job to research ways to help with that and to develop products to address that need. I live in the South-West with my husband, two daughters and our pet dog and cat who love to get involved in conference calls, often at the same time.

I joined Enginuity in December last year. Previous to this I spent 3 years at a green energy company working with a couple of other inspirational colleagues from the Innovation Lab. I enjoyed working with them so much that I followed them to Enginuity. It’s a very supportive and collaborative team. Everyone mucks in and helps each other out and there is always such a positive, can do approach to problem solving. The team combines a technical and creative skillset that makes it quite tenacious when faced with a complex challenge.

The type of work I do is really varied! Sometimes I’m researching competitors and other products on the market. Sometimes I’m talking to employers, learning providers and end users to work out what they need. A lot of the time my job can have elements of project management where I’m working out what needs to happen, in what order and by when. Sometimes my work is very strategic and outward looking and sometimes I’m right down in the detail trying to solve complex problems with the team. I feel that I’m a generalist and a play maker so I’m often there to help facilitate others and bring out the best in them.

What I love about my role is that no two days are the same. I work with all sorts of people from Marketing and Compliance, to Data experts, Developers and Suppliers. I communicate at all levels which allows me to have a very broad view of what’s going on internally and externally. One day I might be presenting to Government bodies and CEO’s, the next day I might be facilitating a group session with disadvantaged young people to get their insight and input too. Once I have a good grip on all of this information I then need to consider what is technically viable and find a happy balance. My job is a mixture of looking ahead whilst dealing with the challenges that crop up each day that couldn’t have been anticipated. The word agile is used a lot but it’s critical to my role. I have to make sure I’m not wedded to an idea and happy to change course as new information arises.

Since I worked at my last organisation I vowed to always work somewhere with a noble purpose and Enginuity fit the bill for me. I love that I’m working for a charity that is taking positive steps towards improving diversity in Engineering. I am fiercely passionate about inclusion and diversity and wish for a world where my daughters can be anything they want to be without experiencing the same glass ceiling previous generations have. This goes for all under-represented groups and I hope I can play a small part in making that difference.

Helenna Vaughan-Smith - Digital Product Owner

Jas Sall - External Quality Assurer

My name is Jas Sall, and with over 30 years’ experience within the business, I currently work as an External Quality Assurer for EAL (Part of the Enginuity Group).

From initial Centre Recognition to regular on-going monitoring of centres delivering EAL qualifications the role is quite varied as is the customer base. EAL Recognised Assessment Centres that I am assigned to include, large, small, and medium sized Employers, Colleges, Schools, Private Training Providers, and MOD establishments. I am also linked to several overseas customers based in Oman, India and Indonesia and previously travelled regularly to Cyprus and Gibraltar.

The interaction with employers and learners (both young and adult) across the range of manufacturing industries is particularly enjoyable along with the satisfaction of assisting individuals progress with their learning and careers through achieving EAL qualifications.

As an organisation Enginuity values the individual’s contribution, but most importantly the people working within Enginuity are all keen to provide advice, support, and guidance and this makes it an enjoyable working environment.

My name is Sue Yuill and I have worked as a Customer Experience Consultant at Enginuity for over 3 years.

I am part of the Customer Experience Team and we support Enginuity and EAL customers and learners, past and present.

Every day, through emails and phone calls between 8am – 5pm, my team and I are available to all Enginuity and EAL accredited centres, which number over 800 and are UK wide. We even have centres abroad, which we support too.

We help with everything from registering and certificating learners, resetting passwords, system logins and advising on our qualifications, to name a few of our queries.

We also print and dispatch all EAL certificates daily. We send upwards of 300,000 a year. and each certificate is manually checked and packed by hand. Every certificate is printed and dispatched within 4 hours of printing and we are very proud of this.

Susan Yuill - Customer Experience Consultant

Victoria Wallace - Product Specialist

My name is Victoria Wallace and I am a Product Specialist for EAL (Part of the Enginuity Group).  I specialise in Qualification and Product Development and have been working for Awarding Organisations for over 13 years.   I joined the Product Team in EAL in December 2019.

I work with large, small and medium sized Employers, Colleges, Private Training Providers, and Federations and Trade Bodies to develop training and development products.  Our work is varied and ranges from regulated and non-regulated qualifications to development of End Point Assessment instruments and  Bespoke training programmes covering the Engineering sector and associated sectors including electrotechnical, lift engineering and rail.  A large portion of my role is to maintain our portfolio of qualifications and technical products ensuring they remain fit for purpose and relevant for the sectors in which they are used.  This involves monitoring the changing landscape and adapting products to meet the stakeholder’s requirements and futureproofing our products.

I enjoy the variety of the work and the interaction between the teams both here at EAL and Enginuity but also with our stakeholders and customers.  I am fortunate to be part of a team of knowledgeable and helpful people all with the same mission; to provide high quality products which are regulatory compliant and are relevant and valued by employers and learners.

I have been welcomed in to the Enginuity family and I am looking forward to further develop my career with them.  Enginuity as an organisation utilises technology that allows us to work as remote teams and stay connected to ensure we have an enjoyable work experience and a balanced approach to work and time for family.

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Enginuity is a people focused business, we believe that by putting people at the heart of what we do means that we will design and deliver great products to all our customers. We believe that there is a direct correlation between an engaged, empowered workforce and better business performance.

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