Using gaming to challenge outdated perceptions of engineering




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Gamification is based on finding out what motivates people to perform by transforming something process-driven and traditional, into something fun and engaging. So we set out to explore how gameplay could help discover a young person’s aptitude for engineering.

Minecraft is the most played game in the world and so, to provide an authentic experience for determining skill level and interest, we launched our first Skills Miner game -at the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020.

Building electric cars

Set in an electric car factory, we hoped our game would help and support the home-schooling agenda and provide something a little different to traditional school activities.

We saw huge levels of engagement, with players tackling challenges including building bridges and handling complex circuitry.

Significantly, on completion of Skills Miner, 20 per cent went on to discover more about engineering careers – which is the most awesome part of the work we do – seeing the impact it has and raising awareness and aspirations around careers.

This early success gave us the confidence to create more games including our Skills Miner series with games focused on Aerospace, Vertical Farming and Home Energy.

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We've also gone on to develop our new Enspire City virtual world where students can find out more about Engineering careers.

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As for our first game ... it is no longer available however; it served as a great "place" to start engaging young people on the development of a vehicle that someone they know might drive and we learnt a huge amount from the experience!