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UK engineers can change the world, given the opportunity.

The problem-solving skills of this generation of engineers will be vital in tackling the biggest challenges society faces today and in the future.

About Enginuity

Enginuity is a charity dedicated to finding new ways to close skills gaps in UK engineering and manufacturing. 

The UK has an engineering and manufacturing skills gap, and rapidly changing challenges and technologies make it even harder for employers to identify and find the right skills at the right time.

We’ve created a ‘common language’ for engineering and manufacturing occupation and skills data. 

We use this unique approach to sector data, alongside our deep understanding of the skills needs of UK engineering and manufacturing businesses, to help employers have the right skills at the right time to adapt faster to change. 

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Mission 3

Our mission

Practical skills solutions

We support engineering and manufacturing employers in discovering new sources of skills.

Insight and data

We provide insights on the skills in demand, so businesses, sectors and the government can plan ahead.

Sector connector

We connect organisations to ensure technical education is fit for purpose and keeps pace with change.

Our charitable objectives

We believe that one engineer can change the world, given the opportunity. That's why our charitable objectives are based on supporting the sector to adapt to the challenges it faces today, in the medium and in the long term.

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  • 1To promote the advancement in education, training and skills in science, technology, engineering and manufacturing
  • 2To advance the skills that may be required to sustain the future of the engineering profession, to benefit the industry, engineers and the public

How can we help?

We combine a unique approach to engineering sector data with a deep understanding of the skills challenges, to help employers ensure the sector has a highly skilled, globally competitive workforce now and in the future. Engineering sector expertise + Ingenuity with skills data = Enginuity.

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“Working in partnership with Enginuity has been hugely beneficial to the development of Scottish apprenticeships. Using data science insights, the Enginuity team created a robust and well-informed evidence base for the development of a new apprenticeship in Engineering and Digital Manufacturing.”

Terry Dillon

Senior Programme Manager

Skills Development Scotland

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Enginuity is a charity dedicated to finding new ways to close skills gaps in UK engineering and manufacturing. Join our team and be part of our mission.

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