Celebrating Net Zero Week 2024: Engineering our sustainable future




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Enginuity's guest blog post by Deepak Farmah, Head of Innovation at Coventry University

A statement I recently encountered resonated deeply with me: "If it wasn't created by God, then it was created by an engineer." 

This assertion underscores the immense responsibility borne by engineers, especially now, during a critical phase of our planet’s future. As we strive to meet and surpass net zero targets, the role of engineers and innovators becomes paramount.

In our technologically advanced society, it's heartening to see the next generation of engineers already committed to sustainability. However, they possess only half the solution. They bring fresh ideas and energy but still need to develop the skills that seasoned engineers have honed over years of practice.

During Net Zero Week 2024, let’s make a commitment within our organisations to mentor and support these emerging talents. By opening our doors and sharing our knowledge, we accelerate their growth and integrate their inherent commitment to sustainability into practical, effective solutions.

Let’s harness this synergy between experience and innovation. By doing so, we’ll make significant strides towards a sustainable future for our planet — a goal we all share and strive towards. Let this week be the start of a renewed commitment to embracing and guiding the next generation of diverse engineers, who are crucial to our sustainable future.

Deepak Farmah
Head of Innovation at Coventry University (Commercial Director of Electric Revolution Skills Hub and Institute of Coding) and Host of ‘Switching on Electrified Skills Podcast’


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