Response to DfT’s Transport Labour Market & Skills




Policy Consultations


The Department for Transport published a Call for Views and Ideas on Transport labour Market and Skills in February 2022 seeking views on the skills the sector will need, accessibility to training and qualifications, attracting young people, and improving diversity, inclusion and social mobility in the sector. 

Enginuity provided a submission in May 2022 setting out: 

  • The themes and subject areas that are emerging as key to future skills needs,  
  • Enginuity’s work on the Skills Value Chain and Skills Foresighting,  
  • The need to provide a recognised system of accreditation for modular qualifications, which are key to upskilling the existing workforce,  
  • Enginuity’s work on data tools which identify common skills across occupation and job roles, and  
  • The work that needs to be done on diversity and inclusion. 
Response to DfT’s Transport Labour Market & Skills pdf