Enginuity Future Skills Hub

Enginuity Future Skills Hub

Engineering and manufacturing is rapidly transforming, making it hard for employers to know what skills they need to keep pace with change.​ ​The Enginuity Future Skills Hub aims to demystify the skills, trends and transitions reshaping industries within the UK’s engineering and manufacturing sector.

The Enginuity Future Skills Hub holds a wide range of resources on different technologies and how they’re driving skills demand, all presented in an accessible, bite-sized format.

The Hub includes regular articles on topics of interest in skills and technology, interviews with sector leaders, and new episodes of the Enginuity Future Skills Hub Podcast. For each technology covered, we explore the benefits and skills required to harness them, and include case studies to give small employers the chance to see how businesses like theirs have successfully navigated their own skills challenges.

Future Skills blog

Quick reads to help you think about what your business will need to do to ensure it has the right skills at the right time to remain competitive.

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Demystifying digitalisation

Understand the digital technologies changing engineering and manufacturing, their uses and benefits, and the skills you will need to adopt them.

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Case studies

Inspiring case studies to help demystify future skills adoption in engineering and manufacturing.

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Enginuity Future Skills Hub Podcast

We talk with experts about the technologies and issues shaping engineering and manufacturing skills, and businesses that are successfully adapting to change.

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