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The Enspire City product seeks to address the growing skills and employment gap experienced in engineering organisations by encouraging students to choose STEM options in school.  

The pace of technological change, outdated education systems and training programmes, and the lack of visible diversity in engineering fields have all contributed to lower levels of employment and less students choosing STEM pathways. 

SMEs are struggling to attract the right employees and apprentices despite their outreach work with school age students.  The Enspire City product will provide outreach tools for them to use with students including real world examples of engineering careers, and engineers who are both making a difference to the world around them by promoting a greener future.

The Enspire City product has been developed to give 8–14-year-old students information about inspirational careers, education pathways and work sectors that may help them to choose a career.  It features a futuristic city where engineers work to solve green problems and develop future facing designs and manufacturing activities.  In its first iteration (MVP) it will feature zones for the vertical farming, automotive, aerospace and space sectors.

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The Enspire City product currently contains the following features:

  1. Interactive map and tutorial.
  2. Career and role examples for each featured sector showing the jobs, skills, pathways, and of what each role does day to day.
  3. Case studies featuring real engineers who will be inspiring to young people through their approach, role, or physical representation.
  4. Diverse examples of roles, people and activities that engineers take part in and which solve real world problems.
  5. Fun interactive activities in each sector, and background information to help students understand its context in their world, as well as opportunities for them to follow their curiosity and explore the sector further.
  6. A focus on green, sustainable, and future facing projects to inspire students for the roles that will be available to them when they enter the workforce.
  7. Child friendly imagery and text at an appropriate reading age for the target group.
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