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A comprehensive collection of job roles, work activities, and transferable skills, designed to give you a clear route to navigate the ever-changing skills landscape within the Engineering and Manufacturing industries.

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Welcome to the Enginuity Role Explorer, your one-stop resource information on job roles, work activities and skills across engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Role Explorer offers a comprehensive collection of data-driven career information for the engineering and manufacturing sector. It identifies commonalities between different job roles, providing new opportunities for career growth and transition. 

Employer-led data provides valuable insights into high demand job roles, assisting individuals and employers in identifying areas of growth. Role Explorer supports the growth of the industry by providing accurate and up-to-date information, facilitating career transitions, and building a skilled and diverse workforce.​

Who is the Role Explorer for?

See who can benefit from using Role Explorer.

  • Professionals considering a career change can use Role Explorer to research new engineering and manufacturing job roles, understand the required skills, and identify transferable skills from their current occupation.
  • Recruitment agencies can use Role Explorer to help unemployed individuals identify suitable engineering and manufacturing roles, develop their skills, and prepare for interviews.
  • Researchers and analysts can access Role Explorer to study labour market trends, skill demands, and emerging sectors within engineering and manufacturing.
  • Engineering and manufacturing employers who need help with hiring. It gives them access to full descriptions of the work activities, knowledge and skills required for different roles across engineering and manufacturing. They can also see what similar roles are in high demand within the sector.
Who is the Role Explorer for?

Powered by the Enginuity Skills Framework

The Enginuity Skills Framework provides key information on a wide range of engineering occupations, job roles, work activities and skills found in engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Intended to be a 'common skills language' for the Engineering & Manufacturing sector, the Enginuity Skills Framework explores the connections between careers, skills, and employer-led demand

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