How green mobility is reshaping the Midlands’ skills requirements




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“The automotive industry across the UK is changing to meet the Government’s decarbonisation policies and changing consumer demand. The Midlands is at the forefront of that shift towards future mobility technologies and is starting to transform the sector’s skills landscape in the region. While many automotive skills transfer across from internal combustion to low-carbon vehicles, new components and manufacturing processes require new skills.

The Midlands has a history of adapting to change and a strong engineering expertise foundation, making it well-positioned to lead the way in low-carbon mobility. Enginuity is developing a skills framework for Engineering and Manufacturing to deliver a range of accessible tools that help engineers transfer and upskill, while also assisting employers in identifying new talent sources.

Furthermore, Enginuity is delivering insightful skills intelligence and sector-wide collaboration, which will help the Midlands make the most effective sustained investment in skills development and take best advantage of the training programmes and apprenticeships, being developed by Government and industry, that focus on low-carbon technologies.” – Ann Watson – CEO, Enginuity

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