Response to IfATE’s Big Conversation




Policy Consultations


IfATE held a feedback exercise called ‘The Big Conversation’ at the end of 2022 looking at all aspects of the technical education and skills system. As part of the Big Conversation, IfATE engaged with 2,000 stakeholders including Enginuity and the National Manufacturing Skills Taskforce.  

Enginuity contributed by attending an interview with IfATE and facilitating a roundtable for IfATE with members of the National Manufacturing Skills Taskforce.  

IfATE’s response included a report entitled ‘A simpler Skills System’, which sets out specific commitments, an analysis of the feedback received, and 2 independent reports on (1) Employer Perceptions of Quality, and (2) employer views on skills and technical education. The commitments were grouped in three areas: 

  • A skills system that delivers what employers need now and for the future,  
  • A skills system that is clear and user friendly, and 
  • A skills system that is joined up.