Building better: Enginuity launches three new tools for employers




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Building better: Enginuity launches three new tools for employers.

Enginuity has launched three new tools, each designed to help UK engineering and manufacturing employers build workforces equipped to tackle current and future challenges.

Role Explorer is a searchable library listing virtually every job in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, with associated skills and activities.

Skills Comparator helps employers with upskilling and reskilling within their organisations. The comparator can also help employers target candidates with transferable skills for hard-to-fill roles, whilst supporting outplacement activity.

And Enspire City is a new interactive suite of products designed to encourage young people to consider a career in STEM – just one of Enginuity’s inspirational products.

Read on to learn more about each of Enginuity’s new tools.

Role Explorer is a searchable library of engineering jobs

The Enginuity Role Explorer provides a full breakdown of jobs within the engineering and manufacturing sectors, including titles, descriptions, required skills and similar roles.

Users can search with keywords or browse the alphabetical database.

The Role Explorer lists job titles with associated activities. For example, an aerospace engineer might research the engineering applications of emerging technologies or create models of engineering designs or methods.

The database has a wide range of uses. Employers can pinpoint new roles to create, while recruiters and HR managers may find job descriptions useful when advertising a role for the first time.

Users can also assess the level of demand for a role across the engineering and manufacturing sectors based on current job advertising trends.

In addition, the tool identifies jobs with similar skill sets to help map out career progression and identify alternative roles.

Get started here.

Skills Comparator makes recruitment, upskilling and reskilling smarter

The Skills Comparator matches skills to job titles, identifies transferable skills for open positions and anticipates roles that may be needed in the future.

The user answers a series of questions, taking no more than 10 minutes. An employer, for example, may be aiming to find more applicants for hard-to-fill roles. They select the relevant profession from a dropdown menu and the five most important related skills from a list produced by the Skills Comparator. Users can also type in additional skills that aren’t shown.

This produces a shortlist of roles, ordered by how closely they match the highlighted skills. The results are compiled in a pdf report, which can be used to create recruiting strategies to target people who work in different roles to those being advertised but with relevant transferable skills.

It’s also a useful tool for companies helping to place people in roles, as it widens the net of available jobs.

Check out the Skills Comparator here. As a beta phase tool, all feedback is appreciated.

Enspire Products target the next generation

Engaging young people is critical to the Enginuity mission. Enspire City is a free, simple, interactive game that employers and educators can use to show students what a career in STEM might look like and how to get started.

Using the map to navigate the virtual Enspire City, users will see zones dedicated to cars, planes, vertical farming and space.

Clicking around each zone pulls up information and school subjects required to become an engineer; what kind of work experience would be helpful; the type of projects engineers work on in different sectors.

Throughout Enspire City, there are also links to Enginuity’s award-winning Skills Miner STEM games, which are based on the UK’s national curriculums. Games demonstrate the practical work of an engineer – students can build a plane, create sustainable fuel or make their home more energy efficient. 92% of children who played these games said they learnt something new.

Explore Enspire City and other inspirational products here.